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Practice News

05/20/2011 - Electronic Medical Records Are Coming!

We are currently reviewing a handful of the most popular electronic medical records.  These records will allow better data management and followup as well as introducing new avenues of communication and health data exchange between the office and our patients.  The transition will be difficult but the rewards for all will be significant.  We hope to be up and running by early October

04/22/2011 - Ready for Swimsuit Season??

Ready for swimsuit season?  It will be here before you know it.  Now is the time to schedule laser hair removal and laser spider vein removal to be ready for the beach and pool.  We offer package deals for multiple area treatments.  Laser treatments are safe and effective.  Call for a free consult!

04/22/2011 - Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

Follow us on Twitter @drjohnsabatini and Facebook- Dr John L Sabatini PC for the latest updates and office announcements.

04/21/2011 - Allergy Update

Allergy season is in full bloom.  Allegra(fexofenadine) is now over the counter as well as Zyrtec and Clariton.  For those individuals with breakthrough symptoms on these meds, we can offer additional effective treatments in our office.

02/02/2011 - Weather Updates

Due to the quickly changing weather conditions this winter, always be sure to call the office before coming in during winter storms.  In the mornings, we will change our recorded message prior to 8AM if we will not be open.

01/13/2011 - New Years Resolutions

Resolved to get in better shape?  Lose weight?  Eat healthier?  The best start to that resolution is a complete physical by your doctor.  That includes a physical exam, appropriate bloodwork(what is your LDL cholesterol?), and EKG if appropriate.  Make sure your body is healthy enough for the changes you strive for.

01/13/2011 - Vitamin D

What is your vitamin D level?  Vitamin D is synthesized by your skin in the presence of sunlight.  If you are not outside exposing your arms and legs to sunlight on a regular basis you might be deficient in vitamin D.  Low vitamin D levels are associated with weak bones and may play a role in certain cancers.  Your vitamin D level can be checked with a simple bloodtest, and boosted with over the counter supplements.

01/07/2011 - Phone Lines Open!

Our Phone system problems are resolved, and we are back to full capacity(Thanks Black Box)!

01/04/2011 - Telephone Problems

We have been experiencing some telephone difficulties from Thursday Dec 30 thru today, Jan 4, 2011.  We have technicians working on the problem but we are still experiencing intermittant outages, and continue to work off a single line(normally we have 3 incoming lines).  Please be patient when you call and hopefully the situation will be resolved soon.

10/15/2010 - Flu shot update

We are continuing to administer flu shots and have no shortage of supply this year.  This year is an important flu shot to get as it contains the H1N1 component that was only available as a second shot last year.  There is no copay to have the shot administered and most insurances cover it at 100%.  Once our alottment of vaccine is exhausted, we will not be able to obtain any more so don't wait too long before coming in!

09/17/2010 - FLU SHOTS

Flu shots have arrived.  Feel free to call us to schedule a quick appointment for your flu shot.  We also have pneumonia shots available.  This year the CDC recommends flu shots for everyone older than 6 months regardless of health.

Are your children up to date on their immunizations?  By the age of 12, children should have had 2 doses of chickenpox vaccine(Varicella), a dose of tetnus/pertussis(tdap) and a meningitis shot(Menactra).  Call us to review your child's records.


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